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Who is a hero for you? In this lesson plan, your students´ ideas about heroes are analysed and challenged. Firstly, in an absorbing interactive way students reveal their opinions and then they read about six people who are trying to make the world a better place. Students then prepare posters to present the six heroes. The final question is: Can everybody become a hero?

In Search of Water INTERMEDIATE MDG4  

This lesson plan introduces the problem of the bad access to and poor quality of drinking water in some developing countries and children´s health and life in general. After an interactive warm-up, students do a speaking activity on common water-related topics. Then students work in groups with three different case studies and make the best of their creativity. In the follow-up, they brainstorm on possible solutions to the problem.

The Vicious Circle of Poverty UPPER-INTERMEDIATE MDG1  

What job would you never ever do? The lesson plans starts with a mingling activity with students discussing the least popular jobs and the circumstances under which they would do them. Then students watch a video – a real story of two men from the Kibera slum in Kenya. The concept of the vicious circle of poverty is introduced. As homework students can write an essay based on given quotes or find out more about the campaign Make Poverty History or consult the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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